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Reimagining the world

In the heartbeat of Arizona, my roots run deep, navigating the challenges our community faces. As a first-generation American, my educational journey mirrors LD24, from Washington Elementary to Glendale Community College. From a classroom assistant to providing 1-on-1 therapy for children with autism, my commitment to service is unwavering. Born in Phoenix to immigrant parents facing hardships, I intimately know the struggles families endure. I believe our government should uplift, leveraging resources for the betterment of all. As a father, the birth of my son intensifies my dedication to crafting a brighter future. I fight not just for families in our district but for my son's generation. Having served as a school board member in Glendale, I bring personal experiences and a passion for service. Now, as I step into representing LD24, I'm committed to an Arizona where our government genuinely serves its people. It's time for change, and I'm here to be the unyielding voice our district deserves. I'm Hector Jaramillo, ready to passionately fight for LD24, championing inclusivity, pro-abortion policies, support for working families, and fiercely opposing corporate interests.

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Issues and Solutions

Medicare for All

Healthcare is a human right. We demand expanded coverage.

Climate Change

We need a Green New Deal. We demand a cleaner Earth.

Worker's Rights

Workers deserve to unionize without fear of retaliation. We demand thriving wages with excellent benefits for ALL workers.

Justice Reimagined

Private prisons must be abolished, mass incarceration reversed, and police demilitarized. Our communities must be restored.


Housing is a human right. We demand affordable housing and national rent control.

Immigration Reimagined

Undocumented people deserve citizenship now. We demand the abolition of ICE and better treatment of our people.

College for All

Education is a human right. We demand  student loan debt cancellation, free college, and investments in HBCU's.

Reproductive Rights

Abortion is healthcare. We demand the end on pink taxes and access to abortions.

End Gun Violence

We deserve to live free from gun violence. We demand higher standards for gun ownership, hold gun lobby and industry accountable, and address root problems.

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