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Hector Jaramillo raises his fist in solidarity during a 2020 protest

About Me

I didn't want to get involved with politics, but politics got involved with me.

Born in Phoenix to undocumented immigrants, I didn’t live a privileged life. Because of their status, employers took advantage of my parents. I grew up in a crowded home with 9 others that couldn’t afford to live alone. My mom and dad took turns skipping meals so that I could eat. Ever since my dad was deported when I was 4 years old, my family feared Arpaio’s racist abuse of power. 

When SB1070 passed. I feared that my nana and friends would be next. Another critical moment in my life occurred when Donald Trump's presidency threatened the lives of my Dreamer family and friends because of his racist stance against immigration. When George Floyd yelled for his mom, I organized my community to show up for the protests. In that same year, I survived a weapon pulled to my head. 

I love our community, and these experiences show me that we need to fight to protect it. 

Throughout the years, I have volunteered for various organizations and candidates to make sure we elected candidates of quality. I knocked on doors to make sure dreamers received in-state tuition, to stop the defunding of public schools, and for a candidate that would have transformed justice within the county attorney's office.

I currently work in public schools with children that have special needs. Our team has positively transformed the lives of many children so that they could enjoy life. These kids inspire me. 

I am running to change what it means to be a congressman. I want to show that it’s possible to be a public school educator and run for congress. That it’s possible for the son of undocumented immigrants to fight for something bigger than one person. It’s possible to dream of a world that’s better than the current one no matter who you are. 

I’m Hector Jaramillo and I’m running for our community to get the care that we deserve.

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